新概念英语第二册第二十三课A new house

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Lesson 23
A new house
First listen and then answer the question.
Why is the new house special?
I had a letter from my sister yesterday. She lives in Nigeria. In her letter, she said that she would come to England next year. If she comes, she will get a surprise. We are now living in a beautiful new house in the country. Work on it had begun before my sister left. The house was completed five months ago. In my letter, I told her that she could stay with us. The house has many large rooms and there is a lovely garden. It is a very modern house, so it looks strange to some people. It must be the only modern house in the district.


New words and expressions 【生词和短语】
complete v. 完成
modern adj. 新式的,与以往不同的
strange adj. 奇怪的
district n. 地区


complete? adj./n. adj. (很少有比较级、最高级的变化) 1) 全部的,完备的 the complete works of Hemingway 海明威全集 a large house complete with swimming pool 一所设备齐全带有游泳池的大房子 2) 彻底的,完全的 a complete victory 完胜 a complete failure 彻底的失败 be complete完成/ be finished eg. My work will be complete next week. 我的工作将于下周完成。 vt. 完成,做完,完结 eg. The bridge isn’t completed yet. 这座桥还没有竣工。 completely? adv. 完全地,全部地 eg. I was completely at a loss what to do. 我完全不知道怎么办才好。 ?at a loss: not knowing what to do or say不知如何是好; 茫然; 困惑强调的副词: quite 十分 absolutely / completely 完全地 much 非常 rather 相当地 considerably 颇 slightly 稍微 a bit, a little 有一点儿

modern? adj. 1) 现代的,近代的 modern times 现代 a modern discovery 最近的发现 2) 现代的,时髦的 eg. I’m afraid your ideas are not modern. 恐怕你的主意已经过时了。 modern school (英国不升大学的)中等学校 modernization? n. 现代化 modern (a.) → modernize (v.) 使…现代化 →? modernization (n.) 现代化 the four modernizations 四个现代化类似的变化: real → realize → realization globe → global → globalize → globalization

strange? adj. 奇怪的,陌生的,生疏的,外行的,不习惯的 eg. I am quite strange here. 我对这里相当不熟悉。 be strange at football 对足球是个外行 eg. He was still strange to the work. 他对工作还很生疏。 eg. The idiom is strange to an English ear. 这句成语英国人听起来很别扭。 stranger? n. 陌生人,异乡人,外行 eg. Do they admit strangers to the tennis court? 他们承认对网球是外行吗? make a stranger of sb 冷淡地对待某人 make no stranger of sb 热情地对待某人 eg. He makes no stranger of me. 他不把我当外人。 the little stranger 新生婴儿 eg. He is no stranger to me. 他对我来说并不陌生。 an utter stranger to shame 一个恬不知耻的人 eg. He is a stranger to fear. 他不知道什么叫害怕。

district? n. 区,地区,(美)选举区 a poor district inhabited by the London working people 伦敦劳动人民居住的贫困区 administrative district 行政区 a business district 商业区 an electoral [?'lekt?r?l] district 选区课文讲解 have a letter from sb 收到某人的来信 /receive a letter from sb /hear from sb letter? n. 信,函件 a letter of introduction 推荐信 an open letter 公开信 eg. I must answer his letter. 我必须给他回信。 acknowledge one’s letter 向某人表示来信已收到? acknowledge [?k'n?lid?] ?vt.承认, 供认;告知已收到;鸣谢, 感谢 have a letter registered 寄挂号信 drop a letter into a mailbox 把信投进邮箱 


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