新概念英语第二册第二十一课Mad or not?

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Mad or not?
First listen and then answer the question.
Why do people think the writer is mad?

Aeroplanes are slowly driving me mad. I live near an airport and passing planes can be heard night and day. The airport was built years ago, but for some reason it could not be used then. Last year, however, it came into use. Over a hundred people must have been driven away from their homes by the noise. I am one of the few people left. Sometimes I think this house will be knocked down by a passing plane. I have been offered a large sum of money to go away, but I am determined to stay here. Everybody says I must be mad and they are probably right.



New words and expressions 【生词和短语】
mad adj. 发疯
reason n. 原因
sum n. 量
determined adj. 坚定的,下决心的


mad? adj. 发疯的 be mad 发疯,发狂 (强调状态) go mad 发疯,发狂 (强调转变) drive sb mad 逼疯 /send sb mad be mad about sth 对…疯狂的,狂热的 /be mad on sth be mad on football 对足球狂热 be mad on pop music be mad on jazz be mad about/on sth /be crazy about… 对…着迷 go mad 发疯,发狂 /go crazy /go insane [in'sein] (歌曲 “Right Here Waiting”中,”I slowly go insane…”) the insane 精神病人 go bananas? (sl.) become mad or angry, act very foolishly. 发疯,发怒,傻里傻气 go nuts 发疯 nut:? (sl.) foolish, eccentric or mad person mental patient 精神病患者 mental hospital 精神病医院 like mad 拼命地,猛烈地,疯狂地
reason 1) n. 原因 reasonable? adj. 合情合理的,良好的,尚可的 at a reasonable price 以合理的价格 eg. The plane is in a reasonable condition. 飞机的状态良好 cause 导致某事发生的起因 the cause of the fire 大火的起因 eg. Smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer. 吸烟是肺癌的起因之一。 reason 1) n. 原因 for this reason 由于这个原因 for some resson 由于某个原因 ( some: 某一个,加可数名词单数) /for a certain reason give a reason 提出理由 the root reason 根本原因 the reason is that… 理由是… the reason why…is that…?? …的理由是… eg. The reason why I study English is that I envy those who speak English well. ?? 我学习英语的理由是我羡慕那些讲英语很好的人。 the reason for sth?? …理由 eg. What’s the reason for your absence? 你缺席的理由是什么? the reason to do sth 做某事的理由 eg. Is there any reason to go there? 有去那儿的理由吗? 2) 理性,正常心智 eg. Only man has reason. 只有人类才有理性。 lose one’s reason 丧失理智 beyond all reasons 毫无道理 bring a person to reason 使(某人)明白道理,使不做糊涂事
sum 1)? n. 金额,款项 a sum of money 一笔钱表“许多”的短语: a great many + pl. a number of + pl. a great number of + pl. a large number of + pl. a sum of (money) an amount of (money) a large sum of money 一大笔钱 the sum of incomes 收入总计 2) n. 大意,要旨 the sum of a speech 演讲大意 sum up (1) 合计 sum up all the expenses 把所有的花费加起来 (2) 总结,概括 eg. To sum up, he agrees with us. 总的来说,他同意我们的观点。 in sum === in a word / in short / in brief 总之,要言之
determined? adj. 有决心的,坚定的 determine? vt. 决定,确定,影响 determine a date for a meeting 确定开会的日期 eg. The environment determines one’s character. 环境决定人的性格。 determine on sth 决定做某事 /determine to do sth eg. We determined to study English ha 

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